Snowed in! {Chicago Portrait Photographer}

Well it has been very quiet around here lately! If you follow me on Facebook you will know it is due to me being pregnant with my 4th child! This baby came as a huge surprise for my husband and I! I also announced that my pregnancies are complicated with the fact that I suffer from Hyperemesis Gravidarium.  This is a horrible version of morning sickness (if you want to call it that), that is relentless. I have been very sick since November, and it hasn’t been until now that I am starting to have a little bit of a turnaround. Until I am fully over the sickness I can’t guarantee that I will be able to keep up with the blog, but here is a start.

2014 is here, and with it came all of the Snow! Chicago is bracing for a very cold day tomorrow, our schools have been shut down, and we have been hit with the snow today. I let the kids go and play in it today since this will be the warmest of the next 2 days. With temperatures like -15 we aren’t going anywhere tomorrow ;).

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