How having my 4th child, has impacted my shooting style {Oak Park, Chicago, IL Newborn Photographer}

Since the birth of my 4th baby, the way I look at Newborn sessions, and even regular sessions has truly changed. Though I do love to get the nice posed shots, I have always professed that my style is more of a mix between posed and candid’s. Through the years my love of shooting the normal everyday has grown, and when Sophia came on the scene everything clicked so to say.

I photographed Sophia’s newborn session, and was so happy to get to play with different setups. I love and cherish the studio images, but realized they don’t come even close for the love I have for the candid’s. The images of my newborn, yawning, crying, in her siblings arms. That is the way I want to remember her. The imperfections, that are missed when you see the love in everyone’s face to have her here. Posed images are great, but the connection is lost I think. The awe and magic that having a newborn brings is lost.

Having a newborn is such a precious and very short lived season in our lives, and capturing that on film is one of the few ways we can freeze that moment. From this point on I want to shoot my sessions with more of a lifestyle feel, from Newborns to Family sessions. I want to capture the moments as they happen, not as they are scripted. I want capture your toddler in her natural surroundings, and not force her in a box for the picture. Capturing Life in the Everyday, is one of the main reasons I started my photography journey, and I feel it is time for me to walk in that .

I still will place posed pictures in the mix, I know we all still crave that one we can frame, but I don’t want the posed to dominate the session. If you are up to sessions like this, please contact us to book your next session. I would love to work with you.

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