5 Minute Project! {Chicago, IL Lifestyle Photography}

I came across a post about doing a 5 minute project with your kids. I was so intrigued by this that I decided to give it a shot. Well I have to say I am so in Love with this project. I am currently focusing on my youngest son Micah, but will branch out to focus on the others as well. Often times, I don’t photograph them enough, and this gives me the motivation to do it.

Also, I don’t need to do this everyday, which is perfect for my busy Life, and it really forces me to slow down. I highly encourage others to do the same. Even your Iphone would work perfect for this. Don’t worry about the perfect setting, just shoot as it is occurring :).

Hope you can join in, if so please leave a link in the comments so that I may follow along. Any Photographers willing to join along with me and post about it every Tuesday? Email me at jamillayipp@hotmail.com, and I will blog your links with mine 🙂

Hugs, Take Care 🙂


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