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So excited about bringing back my Tutorials on the blog. I will be posting Photography tips every Wednesday, whether they relate to your dslr or even just your Iphone. I would love for you to follow along in the series. Please hit subscribe to be alerted to my newest blog posts.

Also, if you want to dive deeper into learning how to use your dslr, and finally get it into Manual, my ClickSnaps are perfect for this. I am currently running these as 1 on 1 sessions, to devote time to helping you learn your camera. These are now offered online or in person 🙂

Today’s Tip is Focusing on one of my favorite aspects of Photography. Seeing the Light! One of the most important things to learn about taking a picture is that Light is everything! A painter paints with a paint brush. Photographers, we paint with light. Light can bring joy or darkness into a photo. Light can highlight, or shadow important things. Most importantly, Light can take an ordinary scene and make it extraordinary!

A lot of times I will walk into In Home sessions, and the first thing I hear is “My Home doesn’t have a lot of light” Sometimes, that really is the case, and trust me you have to have no windows, basement ceilings, or walls blocking you. However, even in dungeons there is usually at least one source of Light. The trick is that you must learn to recognize and see it.

I took a quick series of Photos with my uncooperative Model to show this.

In the First scene, I took a quick snap as most of us would do. This is the inner hallway leading from my front door into my Home Studio. In the picture the background is nice and light, but there is absolutely no light coming in the hallway at the moment.

One simple quick fix you can do, would be to simply open the door. Lucky for us, there is another door in the hallway so he isn’t blasted with cold air upon opening the door.

However, there is another option available as well. Remember in the first picture that wall of light coming from the Studio behind him? It actually makes a great source of light when you turn him facing towards it. It is like shooting in open shade! Light equals Life in your photos.

(Forgive the mess of a house in the background, remember I have 4 kids!!! 🙂 )


For a more dramatic look, I simply had him move in little more into the light, causing a harsher light to hit him. When metering this light it then darkens the background, hiding my mess for good ;)!

These tips are even useful with taking photos with your Iphone. Remember the Light makes the photo. Turn the Flash off your Iphone, and make sure there is light on your subject.

Happy Shooting! Come back next Wednesday for another Tutorial.

Hugs Jamilla

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