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Why should I do a 5 minute project? You may ask yourself that question, as if you need to add on anything else to your already busy day. As a Mother of 4, I get it! My days are exauhsting, and relentless at the moment. It seems as if, the minute I finish 1 project there are 20 more waiting for me. Like say, the countless scrapbooks that haven’t been completed since my oldest was a newborn. She’s almost 9 people! I am not perfect, and God didn’t intend for me to be, so this is ok for me. So again you ask, why take on a 5 minute project. Here is my answer, and the ecouragement it has given me along the way.

At the beginning of this year I came across a blog, featuring a 5 minute Project. ┬áDuring this time, everyone is posting their plans for doing a 365 day project, which I fail at miserably so I don’t even go there anymore :). However, the idea of just taking 5 minutes of my time, to stop and just take in the moment and document my child, was a breath of fresh air for me. Please note, I don’t do this everyday, hence the reason a 365 is a horrible idea for me. My goal is to at least do it once a week, and when the moment calls for it. My Free Spirited soul has taken such solace in knowing that I can do this, when the time calls for it. Schedules freak me out, so this speaks to me on so many levels.

I did fret that this was maybe not the time to be taking on more, but I am so glad I did. Sometimes, as Photographers we are burnt out from the endless hours of editing we have on our plates. Many times this burn out, cause me to retreat from my camera!  Keeping this project in my mind, has encouraged me to keep the camera near, and pick it up when I am inspired to do so. I am in no means a slave to it, and that is freeing as well.

What I have found so far in this journey, is my joy for Photography again. My passion is ignited, and I am reminded again of why I started this road in the first place. How many of us, started this trying to just take better pictures of our Children, but found oursevles suddenly starting a business? The Business can sometimes drain us, and hinder our ability to remember the reason we began. Taking on a project, whether it be a 5 minute one or not, helps you to shoot what you love, find the joy in Photography again, and maybe if you are still searching, it can help you find your voice.

I want to encourage you Today, to start documenting the important things again. Take 5 minutes and record life!


Take Care


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