About Me

Hello and thanks for stopping by my page!

Below is a picture of the very reason JYipp Photography exists!

Yes, there are four little Yipps in the that picture, and my heart is very full. The youngest was just added on, and life has become fun learning to balance a new Baby and a business along the way.

 Photo Credit by Liz Franco Photography

From the minute I laid eyes on my kids, I knew I never wanted to miss a day of their lives. My quest to capture each moment consumed me, and it is that passion that I bring into my photography. I love capturing the moments in between the pose, when the laugh isn’t posed, or the tear is real. I love capturing a Mother’s love as she holds her newborn for the first time.

I am inspired by light, laughter and fun. I strive to make every session as fun as it could be, and bring out the true personalities of my clients. I love color, and have a strong affection for black and white. Coffee is my lifeline and I have an unhealthy relationship with Pinterest ;).

I capture Life as I see it, and strive to Capture the Everyday Moments. I can’t promise you perfection on this blog, as I am a mess in progress. However, I do promise beautiful pictures, and memories that will last a lifetime!