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The Reason I’ve been gone! {Chicago, Oak Park, IL Newborn and Family Lifestlye Photography}

Well if you have been following my Facebook page, many of you will know that I just had a baby a Month ago. We had a precious little Girl, whom I love dearly, but went through a lot to have! …

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Chicago area Birth Photographer~ Are we Babyrazzis???

We are back in the news again, at least this time the press is shining a more positive light on what we as Birth Photographers do. However, one term they used “Babyrazzi” well has my hairs stand on edge! I can go on a long rant about why that term would upset me, but I will spare you all ;). I just want to quickly dispel that myth, as a birth photographer I am there to capture one of the most important days of your life. I choose to enter a very private part of your life, and to respect that, I am more like a fly on the wall, rather than an opposing photographer trying to get every possible angle.

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Chicago Birth Photography~The Beauty of being born!

In some areas Birth Photography is really starting to gain popularity! Each new day, brings out another photographer stepping into this field. What is Birth Photography you may be asking yourself. Generally when I tell people what I do it, I get a very freaked out look on many Mom’s faces. In fact I bet you are having that face right about now. You, see when people hear Birth and Photography in the same sentence, well their

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