New Year, New goals… Part 2


Yesterday, I spoke about how this year I am trying to keep on my weight loss journey, and follow through with my resolutions this year. I gave a few links to blogs that are helping me in my journey, you can read that post here.

One of the most important things I plan on doing this year, is finally keeping to a schedule. With 3 kids I have always known that I need to have a schedule, but I have always procrastinated, felt it was too time consuming, or that winging it was perfectly fine! I mean give me a break, I have 3 kids. However, after living in chaos for the past 2 to 3 years, I need to reclaim my home, and my life, and keeping a schedule will be my first step.

How many of you like me, are not The Type A Mom?? I am not even close, which is why it was hard for me to wrap my head around this concept of keeping a schedule. After reading  Money Saving Mom articles on Time Management, I was really encouraged to make this a priority in my life. Now I will admit, when I first tried I failed, because I tried to be like her. Huge, mistake! We can not try to be like someone else, God made us all different, and being you, is what You do best. So I took a step back and assessed my life, and how things work for me. I have also been looking at other links, and examples of  Planners, and  from each one I am taking bits and pieces to put together my own. I am a little behind in making it, lol but hopefully by the end of the month I can show you mine.

Here are a few links I came across to some planners that catch my eye: (click on the name to be directed to their page, and please note I am not affiliated with any of my links)

My Favorite so far is a planner by: Crystal Wilkerson

One Tough Mother gives a great tutorial as well

Money Saving Mom has great downloads to help you with putting one together.

As I mentioned before I am still in the process of making my own, one that fits me perfectly, but if you haven’t started one yet, I hope these help you.

*Tomorrow I will talk about my next goal this year Couponing, and how I am going about this. Hope you join me tomorrow, for my next installment. Till then I have some babies to take outside, Chicago is experiencing unusually high temps so planning on taking advantage for a few minutes :)


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  1. great goal and I am looking forward to reading the rest of them! I have a binder I use to organize everything and I go by season to season as things change so much depending on what season it is :)

    • jyippco

      Hi Jessica, yes I can see why it would change season to season, I can’t wait to get mine fully together and really start using it. Thanks for enjoying my posts so far :)


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